Boating at Billusagara (Sharavathi River)

Hidden away from the NH-77 connecting Shimoga to Kundapur, is a beautiful little water body, known locally as Billusagara. This is the Sharavathi river itself, which later cascades down in the glory of the Jog Falls. Far away from the fury of the falls, the river here is calm and lazy as it flows along. For travelers seeking to experience the natural and untouched beauty of Malenadu, Billusagara provides it all.

Exotic boat for transporting regular commuters

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of the location is the use of a small jetty to ferry passengers across the river, to a village on the other bank. For the price of just Rs. 10/- per head, the boatman (or boatwoman) uses a cable attached to both ends of the bank to guide the boat across to the other side. Motorcycles, motorbikes, and people use this mode of transport regularly to cross over. Tourists are welcome too, but do get 2nd preference when there are more pressing daily commuters awaiting to reach their destination.

Untouched by humans

Relatively few people are aware of this hidden gem, as it is about 3-4 kms off the highway, on a narrow, winding road. The advantage of this, is the fact that there is little by means of the garbage strewn across every tourist location in India. It maintains its pristine beauty and we encourage people to keep it that way!

Unique and exclusive

A motor boat ride through the river makes for an unique and exclusive experience. The boat only seats 5-6 adults and yes, one does need to wear life jackets. A boatman, willing to let you try your hand at steering (as long as you ask nicely), minimal costs (after all the motor boat does run on fuel) and the entire river all for yourself are not to be missed. The ride lasts for about 20-30 mins and takes one all the way to a broken down bridge a short distance away. If you are lucky, you might sight a crocodile or two, but they stay harmlessly away from you.

Bird watching

if bird watching is your thing – rest assured the place is a haven for birds. Spend an early morning or late evening by the river side and you are certain to catch sight of the winged beauties in various hues and colors. Locals may not e well versed with the species, but amateur ornithologists don’t really mind, do they?

Near Barekal

The site is near Barekal Farmstay, We will be happy to guide you to the place for a quick outing. Early mornings or late evenings are recommended as the best times for boating and admiring the beauty of the river. With no lifeguards around, swimming in the river is prohibited. The current can be quite strong even for experienced swimmers. Photos are welcome.

Billusagara adds to the beauty of Malenadu and the experience of your stay at Barekal. Been a long time since you went boating? No sweat. Barekal has that covered as well!

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